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The Free Library for Ukulele Lovers

The Free Library for Ukulele Lovers

Everyone should play the ukulele!

The Free Library for Uke Lovers is here to help you through the vital basics (and then some), so you can make real music and play the songs you love!

8 Sections

All About YOU

Ultimate List of 1-Chord Songs

You don't need a million chords to play a million songs! (PLUS VIDEO!)

How-to video on how to watch how-to videos

Magical trick to slow down (and speed up) videos to make learning easier.

Choosing and Using BEST UKE BOOKS

What to look for when you're looking for great uke books.

4+1 Sneaky Ways to Get In Tune

You can't play your uke if your uke's not in tune! Here are four methods to tune up, from old-hat to devilishly clever.

Practice Tips - COMING SOON

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