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Uke Strums Master Class (OPEN NOW)

Uke Strums Master Class (OPEN NOW)

Get ready to have your gob smacked!

Nothing makes your uke playing sound better than top-notch strumming.

In this video course, we dig deeeep into this overlooked corner that's oh-so-important.

You learned it backwards.

Most uke books focus on chords and gloss over the strums. And when they do talk about strums, it's in terms of patterns.

Lots of patterns.

Lots of patterns that you have to memorize. And then play back like a robot. (Granted, a robot with great taste in instruments...)

The Universal Master Strum

... reverses all that.

We focus on strumming before chords, and we discover the underlying uber-strum from which all those dreaded patterns are created.

Once you understand this, you never have to memorize again. 

Combine with Two Other Super-Powerful Tools

When you combine the Universal Strum with "Strum Like a Drummer" and my other sneaky trick, "Say It and Play It," you'll sense the BREAKTHROUGH -- and you'll never have to utter the uke player's most asked question: "What strum pattern should I use?"

You'll KNOW.  -- Automatically.

The Uke Strummer’s Secret Weapon

You've got two hands, right? Why strum with only one? When you get the other hand involved for the magical method of muting, suddenly your number of possible movements SKYROCKETS -- which means a ton of room for variety in your playing, more sublety,  your songs start sounding like the songs.

And Speaking of Songs...

Your ol' pal Danno will never leave you hanging. What's the point of learning a bunch of techniques if you don't use them to play real music!

In the Bonus Song Section, we dissect a dozen songs from a dozen eras and genres and focus in the strumming that makes them distinctive.

Apply to your songs of choice later and watch your repertoire expand like a pre-explosion Hindenburg.


Out on the outskirts of "strumming" are some nifty moves you can use to make your playing sound smoother and your songs sound better.

  • Beach Boys Boogie
  • The "Magic" Beat
  • Singing and Strumming (at the same time)
  • 1930s Formby-Style Split-Stroke
  • Americana Clawhammer 
  • And more

I've poured my heart and soul and skill and knowledge into this video course to make it as helpful as possible while keeping is succinct and fun.

If you struggle with your strumming -- or if you're doing ok but you're ready to "super size," I hope you'll join us.

(And all this for less than the cost of one real-life lesson with me!)

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