You've found the Courses-and-Goodies department! Lots of fun stuff for players at all levels. Have a look around and see what tickles your fancy, assuming you brought your fancy along...

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The Free Library for Ukulele Lovers

Your ukulele home-away-from-home! Lots of lovely tidbits every ukulele players needs -- updated often, so check-in to see what you can check out 😀

Blues-kulele (BLUES I)

The easy, sassy, and fun basics of blues strumming on your uke.

Improve Without Practice

Tricks the pros know to get better literally without practice.

Uke Strums Cheatsheet

Super-handy cheatsheet with 10 of the most important uke strums in easy-to-read "up-down" format. FREE DOWNLOAD >>

Novelty Songs Video Workshop for Ukulele

The ukulele was MADE for comedy and novelty songs. 5 great tips and 50 great songs, so you can make 'em sound good -- and funny!

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