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Just learning uke? Or ready for more? We are here to make it fun and easy.

Please browse through the esplanade of ukulele fun and jump in to anything that looks helpful! If you have questions or comments, drop a note to Danno here.

Most of all, have fun -- after all, it's called PLAYING the uke for a reason!

Available Courses

Uke Strums Master Class (OPEN NOW)

The backbone of great playing is great strumming -- and great strumming can be surprisingly easy and fun. DETAILS INSIDE >>

“3x3x3” - Almost INSTANT Ukulele for Brand New Beginners

The fastest, funnest way to learn the very basics of ukulele and get playing songs you love! DETAILS INSIDE >>

The Free Library for Ukulele Lovers

Your ukulele home-away-from-home! Lots of lovely tidbits every ukulele players needs -- updated often so check-in to see what you can check out 😀

Improve Without Practice

Tricks the pros know to get better literally without practice.

Uke Strums Cheatsheet

Super-handy cheatsheet with 10 of the most important uke strums in easy-to-read "up-down" format. FREE DOWNLOAD >>

Defeat the E

Finally, wrestle the uke's most hated chord into submission. DETAILS INSIDE >>

Blues-kulele (BLUES I)

The easy, sassy, and fun basics of blues strumming on your uke.

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